1. Gel Cleanser

A pH balanced, soap less cleanser that unblocks pores via a deep purifying foaming action that balances oily skin areas.

2. Milk Cleanser

A pH balanced moisturising cleanser that does not disturb the natural oily layer of the dry skin.

3. Cleansing Cream

A pH balanced gentle moisturising cream cleanser for ultra dry, sensitive and dehydrated dry skin.

4. Make-up Remover

A gentle non-greasy formula that quickly dissolves and removes make-up effortlessly

5. Skin Energizer

Protect the skin from free radicals with this energizing spritzer!  It contains Mangirferin with polyphenols that exerts anti-oxidant activities.  To top this, the energizer also contains silver ions which assist in the formation of an anti-bacterial layer on the skin.

6. Skin Booster

Protect the skin from free radicals with this energizing spritzer! It contains Mangirferin with polyphenols that exerts anti-oxidant activities. To top this, the energizer also contains silver ions which assist in the formation of an anti-bacterial layer on the skin.

7. Resurfacer

An exfoliator where the particles have a mild abrasive action to remove dead cells.

8. Derma Rub

A non-invasive exfoliator which has a very effective abrasive action to remove dead cells.

9. Texturiser

This abrasive cream moisturises the skin while removing dead cells.

1. Cell Renewal Serum

Helps to restore the dermis. It also fortifies sensitive and damaged skin.

2. Elasto Repair Serum

In aging skin (especially the neck) it is very important to keep the skin moistured and supple in order to prevent elastin damage and sagging.  This preventative serum contains varies plant botanicals and GLA that are specifically aimed at moisturising the skin of the neck to keep it soft and supple

3Glacokehl Serum

An intensive moisture maintenance serum which also prevents the formation of blemishes and has an overall rejuvenation effect on all skin types and conditions.

4. Dermazone

Dermazone is a very effective and highly recommended healing product of Jean baré.  This complex preparation releases oxygen and with the silver ions a synergism is formed that has a healing effect on irritated and infected areas of the skin.

5. Enzobyne serum

A honey preparation containing enzymes with healing, cleansing and anti-septic properties.  Decongest the skin and smoothes irritated areas.

6. Ultra Dry Serum

This remarkably serum helps to rejuvenate the appearance of an extreme dry skin and to mask the unsightly skin changes caused by irritation, sun exposure or environmental stress.  Various ingredients of this serum contribute to hydrate the skin and leave it soft and smooth.

7. Purifying Gel

This multi-tasking gel product is formulated in such a way, that it acts as an antiseptic, antipruritic and decongestive agent of skin impurities.  The gel has fast acting, as well as long term preventative benefits for acne prone skin conditions

1. Multisome day cream

Multisome day cream is a nourishing, high tech formulation that will smooth and hydrate the skin throughout a typical long day.  By using Multisome day cream every day, the skin will be hydrated, smooth and nourished whilst giving resistance to the exposure of free radicals and other external stresses.

2. Multisome night cream

The Multisome Night Cream is a product designed to function at night when the skin is in its resting and repair mode.  The botanical mix contained in this cream not only provides the skin with moisture, it also creates an ideal platform for other active ingredients to work more effectively seeing that it triggers blood circulation to the skin.  The result of using Multisome night cream is a vitalised skin, with restored hydration which is soft and smooth.

3. Moisture balancing cream

Moisture balancing cream is a delicate, mild moisturizer which soothes and hydrates the normal skin, or dry areas of the combination skin.  By using it daily, the skin will be nourished and revitalised.

4. Ultra night cream

This luxurious Ultra Night Cream contains a higher concentration of beneficial ingredients to gratify the needs of an extremely dry skin during the night.  By adding greater amounts of nourishing ingredients, this rich night cream will satisfy the needs of a severe dry skin.

5. Multisome day gel

Multisome day gel is a light, delicate gel that is formulated to hydrate an oily skin (which does not need an oily substance to hydrate it).  This innovative gel forms a soft silky film on the skin, not occlusive, to ensure a longer hydrated skin with a less shiny and oily look.

6. Multisome night gel

The combination of active ingredients in this Night gel, makes it a specialized oily skin product, formulated to perform best at night time.  The hydrating gel not only provides ample moisture to the skin but it also neutralises excess sebum of the oily skin.  The skin is thus hydrated without having an oily residue as result of the moisturiser.

7. Oil balancing gel

Oil balancing gel is a mild moisturizer which hydrates a normal skin, or oily areas of the combination skin.  By using it daily, the skin will be nourished and revitalised.

8. Glikaloid neck serum

Extra care and maintenance is needed to keep the skin of your neck supple and elastic.  The synergy of plant extracts and hydrating ingredients contained in this neck serum, focuses mainly on the hydration of elastin fibres to ensure the elasticity thereof.  This serum thus ensures the neck look firm and tight again.

9. Lip balm

A deep conditioning lip balm that locks in moisture, keeping the lips soft and smooth

10. Duosome – arid

This serum is prescribed in circumstances where the dry skin is in a certain state because of environmental or lifestyle conditions.  It thus means that the normal moisturisers (and other serums) are currently not addressing the skin’s condition and there-for a change is needed.  A highly recommended product for a dry, damaged skin that needs an extra ordinary boost.

11. Duosome – slick

This serum is prescribed in circumstances where the oily skin is in a certain state because of environmental or lifestyle conditions.  It thus means that the normal moisturisers (and other serums) are currently not addressing the skin’s condition and there-for a change is needed.  This serum has the exact same function as the Duosome indicated for a dry skin, the only difference is this serum is composed of a light hydrated gel ideal for oily skins.  A highly recommended product for an oily, damaged skin that needs an extra ordinary boost.

12. Hand & Body Lotion – strawberry/melon/lemon & lime

This extraordinary botanical lotion is designed for all skin types and ages.  It contains highly effective, deep penetrating nourishing ingredients that leave a very smooth and non-sticky residue on the skin of the whole body.

13. Body Butter – vanilla/coffee/chocolate

This extraordinary body butter is designed for dry and resilient skin types.  This is thus a rich, dense moisturiser for the whole body, ideal in winter times when the skin craves nourishment.

14. Aftershave Cream

This is one of Jean baré’s gentle soothing creams for men.  The combination of ingredients soothes and hydrates the skin after shaving.


1. VCM1

Volcanic ash induces a deep cleansing-purifying action that adsorbs debris, reduces enlarges pores, regulate surface oil and improves the overall texture of the skin

2. Camphozyne Mask

A preparation that deep cleanse whilst heal, soothes and softens the skin with unique enzymes.  It also regulates surface oil and improves texture

1. Eye Balm

Eye balm is there-for designed to hydrate the soft skin around the eye, resulting in a rejuvenating and firming action of the upper eye lid.  Works synergistic with eye serum for total eye rejuvenation.

2. LPT eye serum

This eye serum is specifically designed to heal the distorted eye fibres and damaged cells of the sensitive skin around the eye.  An excellent product for all skin types.  The skin around the eye is given a lift and thus creating a healthy, younger look.

3. Bust & Stretch Mark Serum

This Jean baré gel serum is specifically design to work on stressed stretched areas of the skin, especially the bust.  This serum assist the skin in the formation of new protective tissue which means it improves stretch marks and the firms up sagging skin.

4. Neo Lipo Slimming Gel

This Jean baré gel serum is intended for long term results, and therefore it must be used for more than 4-6 months in order to detect valuable results.  It must be completely absorbed into the body, which is a process that can only be achieved over a period of time.  It breaks up fatty chains and stimulates lymphatic drainage which results in a firmer, toned up skin appearance.  To be used in conjunction with Mediokehl & Lymphokehl for effective results.

5. Neurotox

Neurotox serum is another one of Jean baré’s premier products.  In this serum, a certain tripeptide ingredient acts like snake venom that has excellent anti-wrinkle properties.  The serum is applied directly on the facial muscles that are responsible for the wrinkles.  These muscles are kept relaxed (because of the application of Neurotox) and thus wrinkles are restrained.  Other ingredients of this serum also smoothes out facial wrinkles seeing that it has an immediate tightening effect on the skin.  Sagging of the skin is also being prevented by the addition of ingredients that assist in the formation of new collagen.  This serum is thus a highly recommended anti-ageing product of Jean baré.

6. Enzynase Collagen Serum

Enzynase Collagen serum is one of Jean baré’s supreme products.  Collagen is a very important scleroprotein of the connective tissue.  The ingredients in this anti-ageing and cell regenerating product have a high bio-availability towards skin regeneration of the connective tissue by increasing oxygen consumption and inhibiting proteinases.  By inhibiting the action of proteinases, elastin and collagen breakdown is prevented.  The serum also contains a collagen synthesis enhancer, which stimulates the formation of new collagen.  This powerful serum thus does not only provide superior collagen protection, it also stimulates growth of new collagen.  A highly recommended, age preventative product of Jean baré.

7. Lipokehl

Lipokehl serum works excellent on the skin around the eyes where it is very thin and dark circles can be easily detected.  UV radiation and other external influences play a significant part in the appearance of dark circles and eye puffiness (lypoptosis syndrome).  This is due to diminished blood flow.  The specific combination of ingredients contained in this serum address increased blood flow (and thus oxygen supply) in order to diminish puffiness of the eyes and increase cellular metabolism to effectively reduce dark circles under the eyes.

8. Rejuné

This advance serum features powerful botanicals which work on a very neglected and damaged skin (usually a matured skin).  Skin damage is often the result of UV radiation or exposure to free radicals.  The main focus of this serum is thus to prevent further collagen and elastin damage, to build up healthy connective tissue, to enhance the texture of the skin and to properly hydrate the skin again.  The result of using Rejuné will be a properly re-hydrated and healed skin.

9. Tyrodo

The tyrosinase inhibitors contained in this amazing Jean baré pigmentation preparation, block epidermal melanin biosynthesis by inhibiting enzymatic oxidation of tyrosine and dopa.  The addition of Vitamin E to this serum also has a pigment preventative function – seeing that as an anti-oxidant it protects the skin from the pigment damage that UV rays often do.  This highly recommended Jean baré product, produce excellent, visible results fast.  For more effective results, this serum can be used in conjunction with Jean baré Dermazone liquid complex.

1. SPF max

This revolutionary lightweight sun block has a gel/cream consistency, is non-sticky and oil free.  Clinically tested, all the ingredients in this sunblock, will protect the skin against both UVA as well as UVB sunrays.  Easy to use and excellent for adults as well as children.  To ensure maximum protection, it is recommended that the SPF must be applied every four hours.

2. SPF max sensitive

This lightweight sun block-cream is non-sticky and oil free.  With only Titanium Dioxide as active sun blocking ingredient, this cream will protect the skin against harmful UVb sunrays.  Due to this ingredient, this product is highly effective in reflecting UVb rays, making this SPF a mild skin protector. Ideal for sensitive skin conditions, which reacts easily to the chemical compounds usually used in most sun block creams.  Easy to use, excellent for adults as well as children.  To ensure long lasting protection, it is recommended that the SPF must be applied every four hours.

3. After Sun Lotion

This unique botanical lotion is designed to assist the skin in recuperating itself. Jean baré chose the best combination of active ingredients to speed up the healing process of a sun burned and damaged skin.  This lotion has a calming and cooling effect on sunburned skin areas and to top of, various moisture ingredients is added so smooth the skin which had been dehydrated by the sun.

O2 Enhanced

All the oxygenated products have the same function as the normal product, but added to the normal ingredients are Mucor Racemosus & Silver ions.

Mucor Racemosus:

Mucor Racemosus is a filamentous fungus found in soil, plants, decaying fruits and vegetables.  Mucor Racemosus is now used in various different medical scenarios where it helps to resolve chronic and acute blood illnesses that are caused by complex morphological structures.  This remedy is used to treat pathological disruptions in the arterial and venous system, circulatory disturbances, arteriosclerosis, apoplexy (stroke), embolisms, glaucoma, varicose veins, thrombosis, diabetic gangrene, phlebitis, haemorrhoids and constipation.

Mucor Racemosus also improves wound healing and helps eliminate congestion anywhere in the body.  Mucor Racemosus creates increased blood flow, which contributes to the healing & decongesting effect it has on the body.  Because of this, Jean baré uses Mucor Racemosus in their premier cosmetic range in order to enhance and improve blood circulation to the cells of the skin.

Silver ions:

The silver ions are also one of the key ingredients of the Jean baré O2 enhanced range.  It is specifically used for its ability to inhibit the growth of germs.  This gives an extra dimension to Jean baré’s premier products, as the skin is exposed to free radicals and bacteria every day.  Free radicals can easily disrupt the skin’s immune system and that might lead into an out of control skin condition or premature aging of the skin.  By adding silver ions to this range, the skin is given the extra protection it desperately needs.

1. Mucozone

When diluted in water this complex solution releases oxygen.  Together with Mucor Racemosus a synergism is formed, exerting therapeutic properties.  This enhances blood circulation (vaso dilator), and together with oxygen it increases the oxygen consumption to all the organs of the body.

2. Mediokehl

A slimming preparation that addresses obesity by means of amino acids.

3. Medicos capsules & drops

An oral skin care product which contains a specific formulation of ingredients that combat free radicals thus addresses skin aging.

4. Lymphokehl

Increases the detoxification process of the lymph glands.  Use in conjunction with Neo Lipo slimming.