Skin Balancing & Cleansing 1. Gel Cleanser A pH balanced, soap less cleanser that unblocks pores via a deep purifying foaming action that balances oily skin areas. 2. Milk Cleanser A pH balanced moist

Healing 1. Cell Renewal Serum Helps to restore the dermis. It also fortifies sensitive and damaged skin. 2. Elasto Repair Serum In aging skin (especially the neck) it is very important to keep the skin moistured and supple in order t

Nourishment 1. Multisome day cream Multisome day cream is a nourishing, high tech formulation that will smooth and hydrate the skin throughout a typical long day.  By using Multisome day cream every day, the skin will be hydrated, smooth

Deep Cleanse   Deep Cleanse   1. VCM1 Volcanic ash induces a deep cleansing-purifying action that adsorbs debris, reduces enlarges pores, regulate surface oil and improves the overall texture of the skin 2. Campho

Restructuring 1. Eye Balm Eye balm is there-for designed to hydrate the soft skin around the eye, resulting in a rejuvenating and firming action of the upper eye lid.  Works synergistic with eye serum for total eye rejuvenation. 2.

Protecting 1. SPF max This revolutionary lightweight sun block has a gel/cream consistency, is non-sticky and oil free.  Clinically tested, all the ingredients in this sunblock, will protect the skin against both UVA as well as UVB s

O2 Enhanced All the oxygenated products have the same function as the normal product, but added to the normal ingredients are Mucor Racemosus & Silver ions. Mucor Racemosus: Mucor Racemosus is a filamentous fungus found in soil, pl

Inner beauty 1. Mucozone When diluted in water this complex solution releases oxygen.  Together with Mucor Racemosus a synergism is formed, exerting therapeutic properties.  This enhances blood circulation (vaso dilator), and toge